Preventive and Corrective Actions, and Business Intelligence

Be present. Be aware of delays.

  • Preventive actions: It refers to a series of automated tasks that prevent the non-payment of the borrower, anticipating automated contacts according to client’s payment profile.


  • Corrective actions: It refers to a series of automated tasks that trigger themselves the next day of noncompliance of the payment.  


  • Business intelligence: This is the analysis and the presentation of sensitive information of the loan portfolio for decision making.  This is presented through different control panels (dashboards), and they permit to identify the geographical, socio-demographic, demographic aspects and credit performance of punctual and unpunctual borrowers. 


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Good Faith Advice

As a lender, you should focus on:

  • Design innovative financial products
  • Risk management
  • Collections
  • Customer service


This is the real core business!.


Stop doing what the borrower does not appreciate.