Online Customer Service

Take advantage of borrower's selfservice

It refers to the implementation and operation of a web module available 24 hours 7 days a week, so that borrowers can:

• Review their statements
• Check the current balance of their loans
• Request and simulate a new loan
• Request extension or modification of the loan or line of credit *
• Simulate the early termination of the loan *
• Access to the record of complaints and concerns *


* These features are only available if the lender requires them.

This module significantly helps to reduce the customer service cost as it gives the borrower "self-service" tools in a web module with permanent access.

Similarly, it helps to protect the current income, giving the borrower a tool that creates loyalty and independence of action.

On the other hand, this module strongly supports the generation of new sales since it allows the customer to simulate and apply for a new loan without the pressure of a salesperson.

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Good Faith Advice

As a lender, you should focus on:

  • Design innovative financial products
  • Risk management
  • Collections
  • Customer service


This is the real core business!.


Stop doing what the borrower does not appreciate.