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To implement the loan processing service, we need to perform the following steps:


Operation Calendar Assessment

Evaluation of the operating schedule:  In this analysis, we review the schedule of operational events, the data entry, the calculations and processing, as well as the outputs and interfaces required in the loan management process.


Here, the lender has the opportunity to determine the extent of our participation in the operation of its loans and to define its areas of concern and improvement.


Service Proposal

Here we integrate our service proposal, its scope and implementation time. Similarly, it presents the performance metrics that we are committed to and the respective penalties for noncompliance.

Data migration: Once accepted our proposal and signed a contract for the services, we initiate the data migration process.  This is intended to import into our technology platform all the data necessary for loan processing on behalf of the lender.


Typically, it is a process that has a duration of less than 30 days, and it strongly depends on the provision that the lender has of such data and the quality of the same.



This activity is parallel to the data migration. The purpose in setting up our platform is to:


i. Configure loan calculation

 ii. Set up business rules


iii. Adapt the "look & feel" of statements and customer portal with the corporate image of the lender.


This task has an approximate duration of 30 days.

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