ANFEXI PROCESSING INC: Experience You Can Count On

Our loan processing services are based on 3 levels of delivery that the financial company will determine at the moment of contracting. 

These levels of service are:

Loan Processing Service

It refers to provide the necessary services to perform the recurring calculations of a loan, to emit its statement, to apply its payments and to register its accounting. 

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Online Customer Service

It refers to the implementation and operation of a web module available 24 hours 7 days a week.

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Preventive and Corrective actions and Business Intelligence

Most of the borrowers pay within the first 30 days if they perceive that the lender is aware of their delay. See how we do that.

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Good Faith Advice

As a lender, you should focus on:

  • Design innovative financial products
  • Risk management
  • Collections
  • Customer service


This is the real core business!.


Stop doing what the borrower does not appreciate.