Loan Processing Service

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It refers to provide the necessary services to perform the recurring calculations of a loan, to emit its statement, to apply its payments and to register its accounting. 

This service begins once the lender has approved and granted the loan, the record of the loan is done in our system and from there, the tasks described in the following diagram are performed:

Detailed description:

a) Daily interest calculation: It refers to the daily accrual of interest on unpaid balances.

b) Generation of installments: It is the integration of the amount that the borrower has to pay recurrently (weekly, biweekly, monthly).

c) Generation of late payment or collection fees: This is a daily process that detects whether a loan has outstanding fees, and where appropriate, it calculates daily interest and / or collection fees.

d) Generation of transactions for insurance, commissions and other fees: the recurring installments of loans may be made up of insurance, commissions and any other transaction, which are integrated in this process daily.

e) Generation of statements: This process prepares the statement information, which integrates the unpaid fees, late payment fees and/or collection fees to the date of payment, as well as the transactions of insurance and commissions. 

f) Delivery of statements: This activity refers to the physical issue of the statement, which may be digital, sent by SMS to the cell phone or e-mail, or on paper, sent by mail.

g) Debit: It is a daily process that seeks to charge the outstanding amount of payment to the checking account of each borrower.

h) Payment in checking accounts: It is a daily process that receives the referenced payments made in the checkbooks of the lender or any other channel and validates them for its application.


i) Payment application: This process takes the daily payments received by direct debit, referenced payments or any other means and applies them to the corresponding loan. If payment does not come with a valid reference, the process sends it into a payment-in-suspense account, so the lender does the corresponding inquiry.

j) Generation of overdue and delinquent accounts: This is a daily process which identifies the fees not paid by the borrower. They are classified by time periods and are grouped by borrower. This list of overdue customers is the basis for managing the collection.

k) Generation of payment reminders: It is a daily process of sending out payment reminders to customers with overdue payments. 

l) Generation of accounting fees and credits: The entire operation of the loan records accounting entries that are automatically generated online when the event occurs. This ensures that the accounting reflects accurately the status of the loan portfolio.

m) Generation of interfaces: This task automates the exchange of information to and from Anfexi systems. Here, the communication with credit bureau systems, accounting systems, ERP systems and other applications of the lender is established.

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