Total Cost of Ownership

Actual loan management cost

What is the monthly cost of a loan management? TCO is the answer.


This is a figure that few lenders have estimated but that it is highly important to identify opportunities for cost reduction and for efficiency improvement, and to avoid costs in the future.


When the lender estimates the TCO for its loan management, it has a comparative basis (benchmark) to improve its costs and efficiency of its internal processing.


To estimate the TCO of your company, we have designed this simple way to fill in the fields where it can be reasonably set the monthly cost of management and maintenance of each loan.


To calculate the TCO, fill in the orange fields with appropriate values, considering the annual cost of each item.

Our experience indicates us that the loan management with Anfexi Processing has a TCO of 30% of the internal processing cost of a lender; therefore, the savings are considerable.

Another benefit of Anfexi Processing is that the service can be categorized as operating expenses (Opex).

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