Performance metrics and Service Level Agreement

Operations calendar

Our objective is to process the loans from our clients under the following premises: 

• With higher quality standards
• With value-added control measures
• At lower costs
• With performance metrics with penalty in case of noncompliance


The great advantage of our service compared to "in house" processing is due to our commitment that is based on the evaluation of the operational schedule to operate, resulting in the inventory of tasks. With this, we define performance metrics that we comply to satisfaction.

In normal conditions, the internal areas of loan processing are not committed to this kind of performance, nor in writing and with penalty in case of noncompliance. Few examples of these metrics are:

• Quality index of calculations of the 100%
• Date of issuance of statements, the same day
• Payment implementation, the same day
• Daily overdue loans, the same day
• Statements, 99% of the time online
• Daily accounting, online

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As a lender, you should focus on:

  • Design innovative financial products
  • Risk management
  • Collections
  • Customer service


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